Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now That We're Men

Monday's can bee a little blue at the best of times, so I decided that to commemorate Movember, we're going to take a page out of the Spongebob Squarepants movie score.

"Now That We're Men" as sung by Spongebob and Patrick is one of those cheesy tracks that even the monsters of the deep are unable to do anything but sing along. Ultimately they gain all the confidence and bravery that the bottom of the ocean can hold simply because they have magically grown moustaches.

So for all out there promoting Movember, this one is for you... once you've got you moustache, pretty much anything is doable.

Now that we're men, we can do anything
Now that we're men, we are invincible
Now that we're men, we'll go to shell city
Get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs
Now that we're men, we have facial hair
Now that we're men, I change my underwear
Now that we're men, we got a manly flair
We got the stuff, we're tough enough to save the day
We never had a chance when we were kids, no no no
But take a look at what we've already did, ha ha ha

Now that they're men, we can't bother them
Now that they're men, they have become our friends
Now that they're men, there'll be a happy end
They'll pass the test, and finish the quest for the crown
They'll pass the test
And finish the quest
They'll pass the test, and finish the quest for the crown

The power of a moustache, even Spongebob and Patrick get it.

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