Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phantom of the Opera

Well, it'll mostly surprise folk that I do rather enjoy opera when I get the chance. Okay, so we know that all Opera's are either written in Italian or German, but hey, a story told in music (in many parts) qualifies in my books. Although these are generally referred to as concept albums in the English speaking world.

The Phantom of the Opera might just have been the first ever rock opera. But while we'll argue how you qualify one point or the next this has to be one of my favourites. Sarah Brightman is possibly the most famous of those to have taken on the role of Christiane, however this version by Nightwish really does leave me with goosebumps every time I hear it. The combination of Tarja and Marco is simply, Perfect!

[CHRISTINE:]In sleep he sang to me, In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me, And speaks my name
And do I dream again, For now I find
The Phantom of the opera is here, Inside my mind

[PHANTOM:]Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you, Grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me, To glance behind
The Phantom of the opera is there, Inside your mind

[CHRISTINE:]Those who have seen your face Draw back in fear, I am the mask you wear

[PHANTOM:]It's me they hear

[TOGETHER:] Your spirit and my voice
In one combined
The phantom of the opera is there

[PHANTOM:]Inside your mind

[CHRISTINE:] Inside my mind
Opera, Beware, Phantom of the opera

[PHANTOM:]In all your fantasies
You always knew - That man and mystery

[CHRISTINE:] Were both in you

And in this labyrinth, Where night is blind
The phantom of the opera is there...

[PHANTOM:] Inside your mind

[CHRISTINE:] Inside my mind

[PHANTOM:] Sing my angel of music

Lost love the lines, "And in this labyrinth, Where night is blind. The phantom of the opera is there..." And people wonder where it is exactly that I hide.

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