Monday, March 7, 2011


Sometimes we need to reinvent ourselves, simply stop at a point and restart. Today's tune is again from little known (outside of the metal world) Angra. "Rebirth" today's tune taken was the title track to their fourth album. This was released after virtually the entire band had been replaced and subsequently they were we going through a rebirth of their own.

I think that we are often stuck in a situation where we have to start again in one way or another. Towards the end of this one there is the line, "Found my hope and pride again". Hope... how often do we lose that. When all else is lost, hope can always save us.

Cooling breeze from a summer day
Hearing echoes from your heart
Learning how to recompose the words
Let time just fly

Joyfull sea-gulls roaming on the shore
Not a single note would sound
Raise my head after I dry my face
Let time just fly

Recalling, retreating
Returning, retreaving
A small talk your missing
More clever but older now

A leader, a learner
A lawful beginner
A lodger of lunacy
So lucid in a jungle
A helper, a sinner
A scarecrow's agonyzing smile

Oh! Minutes go round and round
Inside my head
Oh! My chest will now explode
Falling into pieces
Rain breaks on the ground-blood!

One minute forever
A sinner regretting
My vulgar misery ends

(And I) ride the winds of a brand new day
High where mountain's stand
Found my hope and pride again
Rebirth of a man

Time to fly...

Like the phoenix, we can all be reborn from the ashes time and again.


  1. This is simply wow ... and the timing is unbelievably perfect!

  2. hehehe... something about the awesomeness ;)