Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well... the world is in chaos at the moment and once again the world celebrates another death. Funny that, everyone will fight to the end for their own life, but celebrate the end of another. I'll never get over that I suppose. Don't think I want to.

After all the conflict in Libya in recent times and the end to Gadaffi's reign of terror, I can't help but think that this cycle never, ever ends.

Today's song is "Sarajevo" by Savatage. It's more of a spoken into to the next track, "This is the Time", setting the scene in what is a liberated Sarajevo. There are those that are around long before us and there are those that will follow, I wonder what those who see it all would say?

In the town of Sarajevo, there's an old medieval square
There's a church aside one corner most believe was always there

It was built a thousand years before any now were born
And its glory was its belfry with its stones all gray... and worn

Now there's a gargoyle on that belfry and he's been up there for years
And he has watched and he has pondered: "What is laughter, what are tears?"

And he's never found his answers as he sees the years go by
But he watches and he wonders with his stone unblinking eyes

Unblinking, those with a heart of stone will never know the difference between laughter and tears... I wonder how many people are just as cold?

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